We empower decision makers with geospatial intelligent visual information by aggregating their eco-system data on a single, shareable photo realistic 3D platform.

We empower organizational management decision making by providing 3D geospatial intelligence technology solutions.

Our Innovative Solutions

Location Intelligence

Smart 3D geo location information with integration of geospatial technology with mainstream technology.

IoT - Internet of Things

Viewing and analysing translated raw data into alerts, insights, and action.

AI - Artificial Intelligence

Intuitive object recognition and making sense of information collected from location intelligence and IoT data.

Open Global Standards

Open Global Standards platform that runs on the cloud.

Visual Intelligence Center (VIC)

Launched in 2019, Graffiquo is a Singapore-based GIS software solutions provider servicing a myriad of industries ranging from:

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Digital Imaging

Our technology capture real-time representation of land, assets and objects down to measurable precision of centimetres.

Capture changes over time providing visual audit history.

Smart City Development

A platform to visualise in 3D business applications from different departments, organisations, agencies without any development.

Common platform for technical and business applications to IoT sensors from security CCTVs , Heating, Ventilation, Air Con (HVAC) to wayfinding systems.

Shareable tool to access, view and analyse from any device, anywhere, anytime.

Why Choose Us


View the visibility of amenities, transportation routes to aid urban planning over large expanse of land.


Simplify complex data to reduce time spent on decision


Compare architectural models with physical models.


Optimize productivity and ensure the safety
of maintenance workers.


Monitor real time information through CCTV and IoT.

“GIS enables business enterprises to improve decision making and boost operational efficiency, leading to their increased adoption.”

Awards & Recognition

Graffiquo has been invited to numerous professional Visual Intelligence exhibitions across Southeast Asia.
These exhibitions are an opportunity to showcase our advanced visual intelligence and data software.

AWS City on a Cloud

Graffiquo was announced as the Winner of the Gamechangers Award in 2020. The Gamechangers Award officially recognizes ground-breaking innovations in major cities across the globe.

Cities of the Future

Graffiquo was presented with the New Innovation Champion Award in 2021. This invite-only competition highlighted innovative startups within the ASEAN region. 

United Nations

Graffiquo has also led the United Nations U4SSC initiatives program within the South East Asia and ASEAN cities.

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