Winner of AWS City on a Cloud competition !

Graffiquo is the Winner of the Gamechangers Award for the AWS City on a Cloud competition!
Thank you AWS for the recognition. Thank you Cauayan City for their tireless effort and wonderful collaboration.

This year, the competition expanded to include finalists from over 14 countries across the globe in search of how organizations are adapting to these unprecedented times and helping cities become more resilient. From building telehealth solutions during the COVID-19 pandemic, to improving farmers’ quality of life, to increasing computer science education, the winning cities and organizations went above and beyond to innovate for and with their constituents using the cloud.

In the global competition, government, nonprofit, education, and healthcare organizations including AWS Partners, startups, and independent software vendors (ISVs) supporting these institutions, competed in four categories. These four categories—the AWS Quality of Life Award, the AWS Shape Your Future Award, the AWS Bright Futures Award, and the AWS Gamechangers Award—recognize organizations’ assistance to their community, transformational thinking, or ground-breaking ideas.