Memanfaatkan Teknologi Cloud AWS untuk Mitigasi Bencana

Cauayan City merupakan kota tier tiga yang terletak di bagian utara Filipina. Kota dengan jumlah penduduk 160 ribu jiwa yang mengandalkan pertanian sebagai sumber pendapatan utama ini tercatat sebagai kota dengan pendapatan terendah secara nasional. Satu hal yang menjadi perhatian terhadap kota ini adalah deraan bencana yang kerap menghampiri Cauayan City. Dalam setahun, kota ini […]

How a Philippines City Uses Digital Twins for Disaster Recovery

Professor Charles Xavier’s Cerebro machine has been a great tool in the X-Men’s adventures. It’s often used to discover young mutants the Professor wants to take under his wing or locate potential threats. A city in the Philippines has also turned to geolocating to pinpoint areas officials should pay attention to, particularly after a natural […]

This Startup Is Transforming Vietnam’s Healthcare Sector Through Tech

Healthcare technology is often dominated by large enterprises. But now, startups are developing solutions that can provide healthcare professionals better tools to deal with their patients. Considered one of the fastest-growing markets in ASEAN, Vietnam’s startups are starting to make their mark not just there, but globally as well. Med247 is a Vietnamese startup that operates medical apps […]

Cauayan City Implements 3D Digital Map for Disaster Responsiveness

Cauayan City is implementing Graffiquo’s Integrated Digital Twin System to enhance its disaster resilience. The system’s georeferenced platform provides visual information of the city, supporting development activities in the infrastructure and building sectors.  The highly agricultural city is visited by around 20 strong typhoons a year, according to Mayor Bernard Faustino M. Dy.  “Four supertyphoons hit us […]

Smart Visualizing of Big Future Challenges in Cities

OiER as the UN Charter Centre of Excellence for Smart and Sustainable Cities is joining efforts with the leading tech-business partner Graffiquo. The partnership will be focusing on the challenges of supporting local authorities and providing visual intelligence for decision making. Organizations and governments that will benefit include various sectors ranging from local council management, […]

Cauayan City Navigates Typhoon Damage with Help of Singapore Startup Graffiquo

CAUAYAN City, which is part of the Cagayan Valley region, and located in the north of the Philippines, is no stranger to typhoons. According to Cauayan City Mayor Bernard Faustino Dy, the Philippines in general gets about 20 typhoons every year. In Cauayan, they average between seven to 10 major typhoons per year. “Our experience […]

This Singaporean Startup Built a Software that Can Predict Floods

If you live in Southeast Asia, you’re probably no stranger to the odd natural disaster here and there. From typhoons, to flash floods, and even hail storms, we’ve seen it all. Some places experience these things more than others. Okay, probably not blizzards. To put things into perspective, 25 natural disasters occurred in this region […]

The Centre for Digital Built Britain (CDBB) Collaboration

Graffiquo is proud to be a member of The Centre for Digital Built Britain (CDBB) as part of the UK Government-led National Digital Twin programme (NDTp). The Centre for Digital Built Britain is a partnership between the Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy and the University of Cambridge to understand how the construction and infrastructure sectors […]

Winner of AWS City on a Cloud competition !

Graffiquo is the Winner of the Gamechangers Award for the AWS City on a Cloud competition!Thank you AWS for the recognition. Thank you Cauayan City for their tireless effort and wonderful collaboration. This year, the competition expanded to include finalists from over 14 countries across the globe in search of how organizations are adapting to these unprecedented […]